The tour

Posted by Mael K. - 21 March 2023

Current position

I  use Polar Steps as a way to share my position in (mostly) real time.

The planned tour

The plan is to visit most of Europe. But I'm not a very good cyclist so I'm basically trying to go around the Alps while avoiding the mountains and visit as many countries as possible.

My route is mostly undecided. I want to be flexible and be able to change course at any time. Nice city, amazing landscape, interesting museum, local festivities, ... name it and I'll make a detour for it ! Since my goal is to be amazed by the scenery and the culture, I have to stay open for opportunities.

I've mapped out a 8000 km and 15 countries route which is roughly the plan I want to ride. I've also included some alternative shortcuts. Unfortunately, I know I can't visit everything in 6 month, so I've made choices and left some countries unvisited. In particular, the cultural diversity and culinary adventures of the south-east European countries will have to wait another trip. (That and the fact that this region is way more mountains and I'm not ready to go up and down all day long). The northern countries will wait warmer days before I can ride around the Baltic sea.

Note: Routes can be hidden/displayed on the map below. Map background can be changed. (thanks to the Umap Project for the wide range of controls)